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Rochville University is a leading online university, catering to the educational needs of over 38,000 working adults and individuals. It is one of the first institutions to have acquired online accreditation status.

Rochville's curriculum is an integration of technology and tradition. Currently, a diverse range of accredited bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs are being offered . Conclusively, the journey towards one's self-enhancement starts right here at Rochville University.

  Our Programs
  Bachelor's Program

Offering a total of 125 credits to select from to complete the bachelor's program. More

  Master's Program
    Offering a total of 65 credits to select from to complete the master's program. More
  Doctorate Program
    Offering a wide range of majors to choose for specialization.
  Associate Program
    Offering a total of 65 credits to select from to complete the associate program. More

     University Briefs
The board is considering two new majors to be included in the Master's program.
As a result of our quality services in
the area of online education, Rochville University received this year’s Austin’s Award for Excellence.
     Why Rochville?

An internationally recognized
online university.


BOUA’s letter of accreditation for Rochville University


UCOEA’s letter of accreditation for Rochville University.

Offers wide range of courses to help your career prosper.

Most Popular    Programs
Business Administration
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Biblical Studies
Social Work
Health Care  Administration

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