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  Message from the President
  This is the right time to enroll at Rochville University. I applaud your desire to work towards the educational degrees needed to help you succeed in your professional life. The mission of this university is to provide working individuals with a place where they can educate themselves without having to actually visit a campus or disturb their working schedule. Rochville’s online distance-learning programs, student support services, and credibility helps students succeed in their professional lives and careers.

One of the great benefits of being part of Rochville University is that we provide many opportunities to help working adults, from all spectrums of life and of all ages, to meet their professional goals. We employ trained professionals who are eager to respond to any question you may have, myself included. You are what we are all about. Thank you for visiting us.

Welcome to Rochville University!

With best regards,

Rochville University

  Rochville University combines high academic standards and professional management. Rochville has been recognized as the leading online distance-learning provider for several years. Having awarded degrees to 54,000 students in 2,500 different courses in 150 fields of study, Rochville qualifies as one of the top 10 online distance-learning universities.

Rochville University enrolls students for distance learning for bachelors, masters, doctorate and associate degrees. Our courses are specifically designed for working professionals.

Rochville University is a fully accredited university recognized by the Board of Online Universities Accreditation (BOUA) and the Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA).


The Mission of Rochville University is to educate working professionals looking to continue their education with limited budget and time for education.

Statement of Philosophy

Rochville believes that online distance-learning programs require responsible institutions dedicated to their core values of helping shape and guide the academic life of their students.

Commitments of Rochville:

    Educate people using modern technologies such as the internet.
    Educate people regardless of time and geographical boundaries.
    Provide all degree programs at prices that can be easily afforded by working professionals.

 Facts about Rochville University
  Rochville University is one of the most popular online universities; in 2001-2002, it received 45,862 applications for various online distance-learning programs.

Following are the number of students who have enrolled in various programs at Rochville University.

Accounting - 8,475 degrees awarded in 2002 Human Resources - 4,654 degrees awarded in 2002
Business Administration - 6,473 degrees awarded in 2002 Information Technology - 4,375 degrees awarded in 2002
Business Management - 5,734 degrees awarded in 2002 Law Studies - 3,929 degrees awarded in 2002
Criminal Psychology - 5,132 degrees awarded in 2002 Media Communications - 3,475 degrees awarded in 2002
Education - 4,957 degrees awarded in 2002 Nursing - 3,348 degrees awarded in 2002
  About the staff:

218 faculty members
65 administrative staff
60 student support services staff

Total degrees awarded 2002:

54,000 including all programs and courses, representing
273 different majors for bachelor degrees
240 different majors for master's degrees
273 different majors for doctorate degrees
273 different majors for associate degrees

 Student Services at Rochville University
  Contact Us:

Whether before or after enrolling in our on- line distance-learning program, you can contact us through our customer support center, where one of our highly trained and professional staff members will answer your query as quickly as is possible.

Education Verification Service:

After getting your degree from Rochville University, you can ask our staff to confirm your enrollment and validate your documents by sending them to you or your employer, whenever requested. Your employer can also login with your ID and password and check your enrollment in the university.

 Partnership Programs

Rochville offers partnership programs with other community collegesand with the corporate sector. Through these partnership programs, students from community colleges or working professionals can enroll for a program at discounted prices.
 Job Opportunity Programs

Rochville not only helps working professionals learn through its comprehensive distance- learning programs but also provides them a chance to work at Rochville University . Rochville’s winning team is known to be the best in its field. To apply for a job at Rochville University, click here.
 New Student Guide
If you are a working professional, looking forward to getting your bachelor’s, masters, or doctorate degree, we strongly suggest you read our new student guide. This will help you understand why thousands of people choose Rochville University's accredited degrees.

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